Discipline: Film/Video – documentary

Nadia Shihab

Discipline: Film/Video – documentary
Region: Oakland, CA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2017

Nadia Shihab is an artist whose work draws on her interest in diasporic longing, relationships to place, and processes of improvisation. Her films (Jaddoland, Amal's Garden, and I Come From Iraq) explore and reassemble personal migratory narratives with a concern for the unseen – spaces of alienation, states of absence, the condition of dislocation – and the ways in which the unnoticed can be intimated and rendered visible. She has also composed music for films and her compositions often build from improvised rhythmic cycles into dense atmospheres streaked with melodic phrasing. She lives and works in Oakland, CA.



Nadia Shihab worked in the Schelling studio.

Marian MacDowell funded construction of this studio the year that the organization was established and the first artists arrived for residency. It was called Bark Studio until 1933, when it was renamed in honor of Ernest Schelling, a composer, pianist, and orchestral leader who served as president of what was then called the Edward MacDowell…

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