Discipline: Visual Art – painting

Olive Ayhens

Discipline: Visual Art – painting
Region: Brooklyn
MacDowell fellowships: 1999, 2007

Color is my love. I work with content and themes, such as Memories of Beasts Past, Extreme Interiors, Urban, and Nature. I was invited to work with the commemoration of Grand Central Station's 100th anniversery. I am passionate about spacial relationships, thin and thick paint, building textures, layer after layer. The sensuality of the paint and its luminousity thrills me. Place is a passion for me in my painting. I strive to interrupt it in special and unique ways and to have a tranformitive relationship wth each location I explore in depth. It's more than landscape but a romance with structures, our planet, and a visual language grounded in abstraction.



Olive Ayhens worked in the Adams studio.

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