Discipline: Film/Video – screenplay

Orlando Tirado

Discipline: Film/Video – screenplay
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 2013, 2022

Orlando Tirado (b. 1982, El Organo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico) is a photographer and an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. His feature films include Medeas (2013), Hannah (2017), and Monica (2022), co-written with Director Andrea Pallaoro. He received the Sergei Parajanov Award for Outstanding Poetic Vision for Medeas at the Tbilisi International Film Festival. Hannah was nominated for a César for Best Foreign Film in 2018 and star Charlotte Rampling won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. Monica features Trace Lysette, Patricia Clarkson, Adriana Barraza, and Emily Browning, and will premiere in the official competition of the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

In residence in 2013, Tirado conducted research interviews with women whose husbands had been incarcerated for various "heinous" crimes, wrote the treatment for Hannah, and began writing the first draft of the screenplay. At MacDowell in 2022, he finished Monica and edited his adaptation of John Berger's novel To the Wedding.



Orlando Tirado worked in the Garland studio.

Marian MacDowell and friends originally named this studio in memory of Anna Baetz, the nurse who helped care for Edward MacDowell in the waning years of his life. With generous support from the Garland family, the studio was renovated in 2013 and renamed the Peter and Mary Garland Studio. The inward opening, diamond-pane windows were replaced…

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