Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation

Ronaldo V. Wilson

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation
Region: Santa Cruz, CA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2017, 2021

Interdisciplinary artist, poet and scholar Ronaldo V. Wilson, Ph.D. is the author, most recently of Lucy 72 (1913 Press, 2018), and the forthcoming: Wilson’s Carmelina: Figures (Wendy’s Subway, 2021) and Virgil Kills: Stories (Nightboat Books, 2022). Wilson is the recipient of fellowships from Yaddo, Cave Canem, Kundiman, MacDowell, the Ford Foundation, and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. He is professor of creative writing and literature at UC Santa Cruz, serving on the core faculty of the Creative Critical Ph.D. Program, and principal faculty of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

While in residence in 2017, Wilson completed new drawings, mixed media collages, short videos (with choreography), and writings for the multi-modal project Lucy Live, to be featured with the NYC based journal and website Triple Canopy in 2018. He also worked on The Conservation of Mass, a collection of interrelated stories.

In 2021, he worked on Silent Incantations: Learning My Mother’s Language, a hybrid book of poetry and interdisciplinary art, reflecting his proposed study of Filipino language in the U.S. and the Philippines, presenting material and training in Tagalog, and more broadly Filipino and Filipino Culture, through research, and multimodal art practices in painting, dance, song, and text.



Ronaldo V. Wilson worked in the Cheney studio.

Cheney Studio was given to MacDowell by Mrs. Benjamin P. Cheney and Mrs. Karl Kauffman. Like Barnard Studio, Cheney is a low, broadly massed bungalow. Sited on a steep westward slope, its porches are supported on wooden posts and fieldstone with lattices. Although it still retains its appealing character, the original design of the shingled building…

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