Discipline: Film/Video

Sabrina Zanella-Foresi

Discipline: Film/Video
Region: Cambridge, MA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2005

In residence, Sabrina Zanella-Foresi completed a fine cut of the film, "Twisted," as the film's editor in collaboration with director Laurel Chiten. "Twisted" will air on PBS in 2006. She is currently in pre-production of a documentary about domestic violence in Japan.



Sabrina Zanella-Foresi worked in the Mixter studio.

Built in 1927–1930, the Florence Kilpatrick Mixter Studio was funded by its namesake and designed by the architect F. Winsor, Jr., who also designed MacDowell's original Savidge Library in 1925. Mixter Studio, solidly built of yellow and grey-hued granite, once had sweeping views of Pack Monadnock to the east. The lush forest has now grown…

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