Discipline: Literature – nonfiction

Sandra Allen

Discipline: Literature – nonfiction
Region: Catskills, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 2017

Sandra Allen grew up in Northern California, studied nonfiction writing at Brown, and received an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program. In 2009, she co-founded the online-only literary quarterly Wag's Revue, which she ran for many years until its final issue in 2015. From 2013 - 2015, she was BuzzFeed News's deputy features editor (here are some of the stories she helped publish). Her own features and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Pacific Standard, Pop-Up Magazine, BuzzFeed News, them, and more. She lives in upstate New York. At MacDowell, she worked on the final draft of her debut book A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story About Schizophrenia, which was published in 2018 by Scribner. She recently received a UC Berkeley 11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship and will be touring with Pop-Up Magazine in 2018.



Sandra Allen worked in the Sorosis studio.

Sorosis Studio was funded by the New York Carol Club of Sorosis. The small, masonry studio was designed by F. Winsor, Jr., the architect who also designed Savidge Library (1926) and Mixter Studio (1927). At the time of construction, the large porch on the southeast façade offered a spectacular mountain view that has since been obscured…

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