Discipline: Film/Video

Skip Blumberg

Discipline: Film/Video
Region: New York, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 1984, 1987

Skip Blumberg, producer, filmmaker, camera journalist, artist, photographer, and video pioneer, has made hundreds of productions so far over his 50+-year career: on the web with 3,000,000+ views, including on www.SkipBlumberg.com and MoreArtistsMovies.com; in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Paley Media Center (NYC), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library (NYC), and other U.S. and European museums; on Showtime, PBS, Disney Channel, NBC, ABC, Bravo, USA Cable Network, The Learning Channel, and TV channels internationally; in public screenings at Berlin Film Festival Videofest, Rotterdam Film Festival, Dallas Video Festival, Flaherty Film Seminar, and many others; and appearing in the documentary features “Here Come the Videofreex,” “TVTV: Video Revolutionaries,” and “Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review by Martin Scorsese.” Blumberg is recipient of three NYC Emmys, Ohio State University Journalism Award, Guggenheim Fellowship, 1984 Esquire Magazine Register of Outstanding Young Americans, Top Ten in ArtForum Magazine, 1980 Winter Olympics Artist-in-residence, and many other honors. To view Skip’s newest movies, please visit SkipsNewMovies.vhx.tv.

He produced and directed segments and shows for PBS' Sesame Street, Great Performances, and Alive TV, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

Blumberg’s multi-media art installations, curated shows, performances and events were at Berlin Film Festival Videofest, JFK Center for the Performing Arts (Washington DC), MoMA, San Francisco Art Institute, IDS Center (Minneapolis), Institute for North American (Barcelona), Utah Arts Festival, Exploratorium (SF), Atlanta Performing Arts Festival, Mala Stanica (National Modern Art Museum, Skopje Macedonia), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo Egypt), American Corner (Rangoon Myanmar), and others.

Blumberg, one of the original Videofreex 1969–77 members, is administrator and spokesperson for Videofreex Partnership.

He is Curator and Administrator for MoreArtistsMovies.com, JaneAaron.com, ExperimentalAnimationsbyJaneAaron.vhx.tv, and the Jane Aaron Collection.



Skip Blumberg worked in the Garland studio.

Marian MacDowell and friends originally named this studio in memory of Anna Baetz, the nurse who helped care for Edward MacDowell in the waning years of his life. With generous support from the Garland family, the studio was renovated in 2013 and renamed the Peter and Mary Garland Studio. The inward opening, diamond-pane windows were replaced…

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