Discipline: Film/Video – animation

Steven Subotnick

Discipline: Film/Video – animation
Region: Rhode Island
MacDowell fellowships: 2006

I am an independent, experimental animator and artist. My animations are invented and intimate worlds inspired by ideas I glean from readings in topics such as history, folk tales, biology, and religion. I use intuition, associative thinking, metaphor, and the poetry of color, mark-making, and texture as my primary animation tools. I treat animation as a way of thinking intuitively about a subject (an image, an historical event, a metaphor). While working on a film, I research my topic thoroughly and explore it from many angles. For me, animation is a form of active and reflective engagement that transforms thought and emotion into concrete objects. I have worked as an animator, director, illustrator, author, and have taught animation at numerous institutions. I am currently teaching animation at Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Brown University.



Steven Subotnick worked in the Adams studio.

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