Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation

Sungyeon Park

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation
Region: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2011

Sungyeon Park is an artist, lecturer, and researcher, demonstrating her work through an interdisciplinary, complex, and artistic social language. She seeks to challenge societal beliefs about art in her work by representing trivial parts of daily life through a diverse range of artistic genres, such as literature, theater, and sound. Her artistic practice is multi-disciplinary, cross-medium, and conceptually driven. Her projects have been previously supported by a wide range of organizations including but not limited to the GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and the Arts Council Korea. She has been an artist-in-residence and fellow at The Art Omi International Residency in New York, The International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York, MacDowell, Taipei Artist Village of Taipei Culture Foundation in Taiwan, The National Art Studio of The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, and Kulturamtes der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf in Germany.

Currently, Park displays a mix of imaginary and realistic spaces, taking the motif of her work from quotidian space. She represents reactions of great diversity that we have in everyday space through the five senses, recomposing the exhibition space as living organic space. After passing through an imaginary door, viewers appreciate multifarious drawings whose motifs are taken from quotidian space, completing a symbolic, invisible interactive art.



Sungyeon Park worked in the Adams studio.

Given to the MacDowell Association by Margaret Adams of Chicago, the half-timbered, stuccoed Adams Studio was designed by MacDowell Fellow and architect F. Tolles Chamberlin ca. 1914. Chamberlin was primarily a painter, but also provided designs for the Lodge and an early renovation of the main hall. The studio’s structural integrity was restored during a thorough renovation in…

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