Calderwood Studio

Completed in 2000

In the winter of 1998, motivated by his passion for reading, Stanford Calderwood donated funds for a new writers’ studio. Burr-McCallum Architects of Williamstown, MA, provided the award-winning design in 1999; and the construction of the handsome studio was completed in time for its first artist to arrive early in 2000.

With a series of double-hung casement windows and a south-facing dormer, the high-ceilinged work space gathers abundant winter sun. An inglenook creates a cozy spot for reading, and the chimney’s masonry detailing was adapted from designs found on the square entry posts near the main hall and Hillcrest.

In winter, the bluestone floor provides radiant heat and a small door to the right of the main entrance allows firewood to be delivered without letting in the chilly air.