More than 9,000 artists have been awarded Fellowships to MacDowell, and more than 300 arrive each year. Get to know them.

Since 1907, our mission has been to create a space where inspiration happens on a daily basis. We do that by providing essential support for emerging and established artists by bringing together diverse, multidisciplinary talent to exchange ideas and pursue creative work.

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Blanche Yurka

Discipline Interdisciplinary Art
At MacDowell 1960

Lisa Yuskavage

Discipline Visual Art
Region New York, NY
At MacDowell 1994

Junko Yutaka

Discipline Visual Art
Region Nishinomiya City, JAPAN
At MacDowell 1964, 1968

Susan Yuzna

Discipline Literature – poetry
Region Mesa, AZ
At MacDowell 1997

Harold Zabrack

Discipline Music Composition
Region Missouri
At MacDowell 1966, 1968

Stephen Zacks

Discipline Architecture – text
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2013, 2016

Zack Zadek

Discipline Theatre – musical theatre
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2017, 2019

Adam Zagajewski

Discipline Literature
At MacDowell 1981

Tamara Zahaykevich

Discipline Visual Art
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 1998

Caveh Zahedi

Discipline Film/Video
Region San Francisco, CA
At MacDowell 2005

Noel Zahler

Discipline Music Composition
At MacDowell 1979, 1983, 1983

Judith Zaimont

Discipline Music Composition
Region Maricopa, AZ
At MacDowell 1971, 1976

Chantal Zakari

Discipline Visual Art – mixed media
Region Watertown, MA
At MacDowell 2002

Andrea Zakin

Discipline Visual Art
Region New York, NY
At MacDowell 1974

Jean Zaleski

Discipline Visual Art
Region Lincolndale, NY
At MacDowell 1971
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