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155 Artists Awarded Prized Fellowships to Nation’s First Artist Residency Program this Spring-Summer

- March 5, 2024

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A collage of eight portraits organized in two rows of four. Starting with the top, left image and moving clockwise: A black-and-white image of Polly Apfelbaum siting on a stool, smiling brightly and clasping her hands in her lap. Behind her the walls are painted with dots. Alice Sheppard, a multiracial Black woman with multi-colored, curly hair, sits in a lush, green, garden. Her arm is draped over a lime green chair. She wears a grey sweater and light blue scarf. One arm curls up and supports her head, a broad smile opens her face. A black-and-white image of Fred Hersch before a concrete wall, wearing glasses, a striped scarf, and a black jacket. Sharon Washington wears a cheetah print scarf, supports her chin with her hand and smiles warmly. Behind her is a dark purple wall. Shayok Misha Chowdhury, standing against a beige background, is shirtless, holding a twin-lens reflex camera in front of his chest and looking straight ahead. Laurie Sheck rests her arm on the large desk she is seated at, wearing a dark blue button down and silver jewelry, smiling softly. Martin Shanly smiles and looks slightly past the camera. He wears broad rimmed glasses and a dark blue button-down shirt. Behind him is a bright yellow poster. Lan Samantha Chang, wearing a blue tweed jacket and beaded necklace, stands in a sunlit hallway with a soft smile.

(Clockwise from top left): Polly Apfelbaum by Joanna Eldredge Morrissey; Alice Sheppard courtesy of the artist; Fred Hersch; Sharon Washington by Tess Steinkolk; Shayok Misha Chowdhury by Joe Curnutte/Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company; Laurie Sheck by Nina Subin; Martin Shanly by Quique Curbelo/Festival de Cine Las Palmas; and Lan Samantha Chang by IfeOluwa Nihinlola

MacDowell has awarded the equivalent of more than $2.3 million in Fellowships to 155 artists from 30 U.S. states and 14 countries, arriving from as far afield as Chile and India, Pakistan and Australia, and from Alaska to Texas. The incoming artists-in-residence work in all disciplines, and were awarded Fellowships from a pool of 2,417 applicants for an acceptance rate of 6.4 percent. The Fellowships are for upcoming spring and summer residencies at one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts organizations.

The incoming group of MacDowell Fellows includes architects Nina Cooke John and Janette Kim; composers Fred Hersch, Ruo Huang, and Eun Young Lee; filmmakers Cecilia Aldarondo, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, Martin Shanly, Scott Stark, and Kimi Takesue; interdisciplinary artists taisha paggett, Patricia Sannit, and Alice Sheppard; theatre artists Avi Amon, Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Corinne Jaber, and Sharon Washington; visual artists Polly Apfelbaum, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Mar Figueroa, and Helen O’Leary; and writers Philip Boehm, Lan Samantha Chang, Jiayang Fan, M.K. Foster, Alexandra Kleeman, Megan McDowell, Laurie Sheck, Stacy Szymaszek, Benjamin Taylor, João Tordo, and Sarah Weinman.

“This incoming group of talented artists and the increasing numbers of applications we’ve been receiving means that our admissions panels have a demanding and incredibly important job of reviewing submissions to find the finest examples of creativity,” said Executive Director Chiwoniso Kaitano. “And as a result of the high caliber of Fellows we see coming to MacDowell from all corners of the world, it is clear our selection panels are excelling at their charge, and enabling us to offer residencies to the greatest artists of our generation.”

A panel of renowned professionals in each discipline reviewed the second largest pool of applicants, selecting Fellows based solely on their talent as evidenced by a work sample and project description. While at MacDowell, Fellows are provided a private studio and accommodations for a period of up to six weeks, and three meals a day. The next application period opens on August 1, 2024, with a deadline of September 10 for residencies to be scheduled from March through August of 2025.

According to discipline, the artists awarded Spring-Summer 2024 Fellowships include:

  • Architects: Nina Cooke John, Iman Fayyad, Ignacio González Galán, Chong Gu, Cory Henry, Elisa Iturbe, Ateya Khorakiwala, Janette Kim, and Daisy Ziyan Zhang.
  • Composers: Patricia Alessandrini, Ingrid Arauco, Christian Bloquert, Fred Hersch, Martha Horst, Huang Ruo, Tonia Ko, Eun Young Lee, Camilo Mendez, Eric Nathan, Billy Newman, Kyle Rivera, Stewart Wallace, Mengmeng Wang, Dalit Warshaw, and Jon Yu.
  • Video and filmmakers: Cecilia Aldarondo, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, Ana Armengod, Shobun Baile, Tamara Mariam Dawit, Ana Isabel Fernandez de Alba, Juan Pablo González, Baba Hillman, Patricia Montoya, Nicole Otero, Tiziana Panizza, Morgan Quaintance, Lee Anne Schmitt, Martin Shanly, Scott Stark, Courtney Stephens, Kimi Takesue, Masha Vlasova, Qiong Wang, and Eva Weber.
  • Interdisciplinary artists: Rozalinda Borcila, Doga Buse Cavdir, Nicoletta de la Brown, Sebastian Faßnacht, Liz Ferrer, Akiko Hatakeyama, Bonita Oliver, taisha paggett, Karthik Pandian, Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Patricia Sannit, Alice Sheppard, Bow Ty Enterprises Venture Capital, Allison Akootchook Warden, and Cherrie Yu.
  • Theatre artists: Avi Amon, Sam Chanse, Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Mia Chung, francisca da silveira, Erika Dickerson-Despenza, Emily Feldman, Dave Harris, Monet Hurst-Mendoza, Rhianna Ilube, Corinne Jaber, Kandace James, Alex Lin, Artemis Montague, Utkarsh Rajawat, Peggy Stafford, Sharon Washington, Mallory Jane Weiss, and Ava Wong Davies.
  • Visual artists: Polly Apfelbaum, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Kaela Chambers, Patrick Costello, Victoria Dugger, Laurie Fader, Mar Figueroa, David Fludd, Brianna Hernández, James Hosking, Janelle Iglesias, Lisa Iglesias, Bill Jacobson, Digvijaysinh Jadeja, Ali Kaeini, Hai-Wen Lin, Alice Miceli, Farah Mohammad, Olivia Mole, Helen O'Leary, Carrie Schneider, Manal Shoukair, Anna Tsouhlarakis, Ziui Vance, Leila Weefur, Lulu White, and Amia Yokoyama.
  • Poets and writers: Joseph Aguilar, Tolani Akinola, Rosa Alcalá, Nell Bernstein, Philip Boehm, Corey Campbell, Lan Samantha Chang, Steven Chang, Ava Chin, Grace Cho, Jeannetta Craigwell-Graham, Sierra Crane Murdoch, Madeleine Dale, Bruna Dantas Lobato, Margaret Dean, Delight Ejiaka, Claire Evans, Jiayang Fan, M.K. Foster, Haleh Liza Gafori, Perry Glasser, Annie Hartnett, Angie Kang, Adib Khorram, Sahar Khraibani, Suki Kim, Alexandra Kleeman, Christopher Kondrich, Keith Kopka, Nancy Kuhl, Akil Kumarasamy, Carolene Kurien, Jami Nakamura Lin, Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Casandra Lopez, Sarah Maslin, Dara Mathis, Megan McDowell, Zehra Nabi, Shazna Nessa, Uche Okonkwo, Funto Omojola, Itto Outini, Mekiya Outini, Charlotte Pence, Zandria Robinson , Clarisse Baleja Saidi, Lauren Sandler, Said Shaiye, Kent Shaw, Laurie Sheck, Jacqueline Sheehan, Evie Shockley, Carter Sickels, Danyel Smith, Stacy Szymaszek, Rebecca Tamás, Benjamin Taylor, Courtney Faye Taylor, João Tordo, Emma Törzs, Sarah Weinman, Kia Miakka Natisse Wood, Yao Xiao, and James Yeh.

For more than a century, MacDowell has provided uninterrupted time to reflect, innovate, study, practice, and create, and its Fellows have contributed significantly to American and world culture and been honored with numerous awards and accolades. MacDowell is a haven of creativity and strives to make its residency program accessible and possible for all artists. Fellows with demonstrated financial need are eligible to receive travel grants and stipends that offset expenses accrued at home during their residency.

* (July 17 update) We've added 16 artists from our waitlist to bring the new total to 171.